Knalysis Wellness Tracker App


The Knalysis Wellness Tracker app empowers users to actively engage in their personal health monitoring for ailments treated by medical marijuana. Choose from over 50 ailments, including 100 different moods and symptoms, which can be treated with medical cannabis.

Track these in the app, and see patterns and progress emerge to determine which strains are more effective for you.

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App Modes: The app comes in three different modes. Choose the one which best suits your needs during setup.

1) Everyday Use - Free! (Contains ads.) - Choose from nearly 100 symptoms covering over 50 typical ailments/conditions.

2) Everyday Use - Ad free for only .99 cents - Choose from nearly 100 symptoms covering over 50 typical ailments/conditions.

3) Advanced Use: PTSD - Free! (No ads.) - Puts the user in control of their PTSD management and monitoring. Contains additional symptoms and moods related to the treatment of PTSD with medical marijuana.

Key features include:

  • Set a baseline mood – over 35 to choose from in 6 different categories - prior to medicating so that you can compare the effectiveness of the treatment.
  • Tracks your most dominant mood of the day, week, and month. Use this to monitor your overall progress as you continue treatment.
  • Having a string of bad moods? Our motivational quotes are there to help. Don't like them? Simply turn them off.
  • Forget to enter your mood? No problem, simply choose the time it occurred.
  • Choose from over 50 ailments including 100 symptoms covering conditions such as PTSD, cancer, multiple sclerosis, headaches, stress, pain, and more.
  • Determines your most dominant symptoms of the day, week and month. This helps you track your improvement and determine which strains best ease your symptoms.
  • Forgot to enter your symptom? No problem, simply choose the time it occurred.
  • Choose your strain from a list of growers, enter your intake method (smoking, vape, capsule, etc.) and amount.
  • Set a treatment reminder.
  • Forgot to enter your treatment? No problem, simply choose the time it occurred.
  • View your treatment history through the dashboard.
  • Track activities and events from 10 categories such as exercise, meditation, intimacy, which also affect moods.
  • Use the slider to indicate the intensity – positive or negative - of your experience.
  • Track your history over time to determine patterns.
My Data
  • See your daily, weekly, and monthly patterns emerge with easy to read graphs and charts to see which strains work best for you.
  • Display your moods, symptoms, treatment, and impacts from the day together and see the story of how your treatment is or isn’t working. Use these patterns to make changes.
  • Share this information with your healthcare provider to make more informed decisions about your treatments.
  • View your treatment history through the dashboard.
  • Join a group formed by a dispensary, grower, research group, or clinical trial to help them determine the effectiveness of their strains for your symptoms.
  • You determine which groups you want to join (you can leave at any time).
  • Get alerts about sales and other distributer information.
  • Fill out surveys to help improve treatment options.
  • Alerts can be configured to notify group administrators based on activity (e.g. using choosing suicidal moods).
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