Analytics Web Portal


We quantify what works. As practitioners, dispensaries and growers, being able to immediately identify which strains and treatments being prescribed are most effective at treating which symptoms, as well as tracking patient and consumer behaviour as it relates to treatment, Knalysis' Analytics Web Portal is a powerful tool in determining which strains and ingestion methods should be recommended, stocked and produced.


This online tool is available by subscription where you will create your own group and invite your patients to join using the Knalysis Wellness Tracker. Here your company can add your logo, populate your strains and monitor the efficacy of these treatments on all symptoms. Send surveys to your groups to collect additional data, send alerts to share information with your members.

Log onto the portal to review the data in our robust analytics and reporting engine. Create subgroups, generate reports, and run comparissons to determine the best strains you have to ease the symptoms your customers want to alleviate.

Key features:

  • Cloud-based software available by subscription with pricing based on the number of Knalysis Wellness Tracker application users in your group
  • App is FREE to your patients
  • Customize with your logo
  • Create and edit your own product list
  • View the treatment and behavioural data of the patients in your group
  • Send alert notifications to your group (e.g. Sale this Friday on sativa strains)
  • Create and manage surveys to obtain additional data to improve your treatment options
  • Administrator alerts can be configured to notify you of certain activities or patterns
  • Robust reporting and graphing features
  • Create sub-groups to run comparisons of different patient types by geographic location, ailment or practitioner
  • Patients can join your group easily by entering your group code into the Wellness Tracker App