Analytics Web Portal


The Analytics Web Portal (AWP) stores and reports on all of the data collected in the app, allowing dispensaries, cultivators, pharmaceutical companies, and researchers to benefit from complete, comprehensive reporting.

The data captured is a key factor for clients in determining trends in treatment pertaining to efficacy of phenotypes/strains over time with regards to different illnesses, and therefore adjusting their prescribing, buying, and supplying patterns.

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This online tool is a subscription service where new clients will create their own group and invite their clientele/users to join it using the Knalysis Wellness Tracker. Here your company can submit your strains and monitor the efficacy of them on over 50 ailments treatable by medical cannabis. As administrator of the group, you are also able to push surveys to collect additional data, send alerts to your members, and display your logo.

Log onto the portal to review the data in our robust analytics and reporting engine. Create subgroups, generate reports, and run comparissons to determine the best strains you have to ease the symptoms your customers want to alleviate.

Key features include:

  • Subscription model based on the number of users in your group
  • View the data of the users in your group
  • Send alert notifications to your group (e.g. Sale this Friday on sativa strains)
  • Create and manage surveys to obtain additional data to improve your treatment options
  • Administrator alerts can be configured to notify you of certain activities or patterns
  • Robust reporting and graphing features
  • Create sub-groups to run comparisons of different strains on the same symptoms
  • Create and edit your own strain list
  • Upload your logo for display in the app for your users
  • Users use the app for free and can join your group by entering your group code