What we do

We are tired of anecdotal information especially where your health is concerned. Why are doctors starting their treatment prescription by saying "We heard this strain can help with that...". Knalysis Technologies goes beyond word of mouth, closing the data loop by quantifying what is truly working for patients treating their symptoms with cannabis. Our suite of fully-customizable, cloud-based software benefits patients, clinics, dispensaries and growers by arming them with the information they need to determine what products and strains to take, prescribe, stock and grow.


We’re a Canadian company who envisioned a need for health technology

connecting every aspect of the medical marijuana field, and pioneered software to seamlessly link physician, provider, and patient.

Our products were developed directly with a national network of clinicians in the medical marijuana domain, and are built to deliver better monitoring of symptoms, moods, and treatments for both physician and patient. We’re aiming to connect the entire medical marijuana field. Current Knalyis products are a catalyst for future software development. Contact us to learn more.